System Description

Our system kits are comprised of three basic subassemblies. These subassemblies are installed in two aft cabin locations and connected by minimal ducting, electrical wiring and refrigerant hoses. Simple and effective, the system is controlled by two switches in the cockpit.

Airborne or on the ground/water, a flip of the switch provides immediate conditioned (cooled) air operation. Non-conditioned (ambient) air is simply drawn through a filtered inlet on the aft cabin bulkhead, cooled and dehumidified by system components and mass-delivered to the cabin by two high output blowers.

In-Flight or during Taxi, conditioned (cooled air) operation requires both generators to be on. On the ground (or at the dock) conditioned air operation is accommodated with engines off by use of external ground power.

During any phase of Flight, Taxi or Ground/Water Operation, the blower fans are fully functional. Even during single engine operations, enhanced un-conditioned (ambient) air circulation is available.

Incorporation of STC SA4622SW is classified as a Basic Alteration and introduces NO changes to aircraft performance or to emergency procedures.

General Aircraft Weight & Balance is affected by an addition of 133.4 lbs centered @ FS 306.0.

For more information, reference our System Installation Specifications.

Continued Aircraft Operation: Motor Compressor/Condenser (MCC) Removed.

Both our Standard and Dual Systems carry provisions to easy isolate and remove the sub-floor mounted Motor Compressor/Condenser.   This provision accommodates operators who have a seasonal need for air-conditioning. Simply remove the unit during the cooler months and regain 50 lbs. of useful load. The blower system remains unaffected and continues to provide enhanced air circulation. As summer returns, reinstall the unit and service with refrigerant for full air-conditioning. This quick and easy provision is identified in our Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA).

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