Standard System:

Our most popular system incorporates a Motor Compressor & Condenser Assembly beneath the aft cabin subfloor between FS 281 & FS 301.5. An Evaporator Blower Assembly is centrally mounted on the aft side of the Rear Cabin Bulkhead (FS 332). These sub-assemblies are connected by minimal ducting, electrical wires and refrigerant hoses.


Dual System:

This system specifically accommodates access to the aft baggage compartment via the aft cabin doorway. This system also incorporates the same Motor Compressor & Condenser Assembly and the same Electrical Relay Panel as the Standard System. The primary difference between the two systems is the type and location of the Evaporator Blower Assemblies installed. In this configuration, two independent Evaporator Blower Assemblies are located on either side of the aft cabin doorway (FS 332).


Staged Installation (BLOWERS ONLY):

Our Staged Installation option applies to either our Standard or Dual System.

Stage 1 (Blower-only installation) provides a simple, lightweight and cost-effective means of enhanced ambient air circulation for those operators needing nothing more. Stage 1 installation requires no fuselage penetrations or subfloor modifications. Additionally, the components installed in Stage 1 are on-condition items with no scheduled maintenance requirements. When your needs evolve to include conditioned (cooled) air, Stage 2 completes the subfloor modifications and the installation of the remaining system components for conditioned (cooled) air.


NOTE: These figures also reflect the removal of the Motor Compressor/ Condenser (MCC) for seasonal operations.

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